George McCrae – Rock Your Baby

Anyone who’s played keys live will tell you there ain’t much better than holding down a chunky fat organ chord and letting it ring out til it seems to be bursting the walls of either the venue or your cranium or both and in this sweet disco belter from the mid 70s the keyboard player is certainly having a ball, his fingers not leaving the keys for the entire duration of the song. There it is, just building and building at the back, as Mr McCrae sublime voice and some serious guitar work bounce all over it. God bless BBC4 and Sounds of the Seventies, where diamonds like this lie in wait to ambush bleary-eyed inebriates at 3 in the morning. For many of course this tune will forever be associated with Al Pacino first setting eyes on Gail in Carlito’s Way; an unforgettable moment in an unforgettable film.

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