Dusk & Blackdown – High Road

So this is pretty exciting … 2 of UK electronica’s finest, Dusk & Blackdown team up with Burial for their new single. Apparently, we’re not meant to know it’s Burial, so says Fact anyway. I guess the guy who posted this video is either in the know or very confident. Most of the forums were awash with similarly confident projections as well: “like, dude, course it’s Burial, can’t you tell?? (insert head-slapping smiley)”. I don’t think I would have been able to tell, especially since every other UK bedroom producer these days is trying their damnedest to sound like Burial. I suppose the counter-argument is that while people can imitate, they’ll never really pull off his sound. I’m not sure. I mean, we’re talking electronica here, good old faceless, anonymous dance music, not Minnie Ripperton or Stevie Wonder with voices that simply can’t be mistaken. When you’re using hardware and software you can get indistinguishably close to almost anyone’s sound. The genius of Burial lies in the fact that he did it first. It’s all about context really, innit?

This track is wonderful because it takes Burial’s beautiful, ambient anti-dancefloor vibe and then twists it round with the syncopated, infectious grooves and beats that D & B are so good at and is such a hallmark of Blackdown’s Keysound label. What’s makes all this even better is that one of the other tracks on the forthcoming EP is Blackdown’s remix of Dusk’s 2008 single ‘Focus’, which to my mind, is perhaps one of the finest electronic records of the last 10 years … fuck that … of all time.

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