Introducing the Royal Downbeats

Hopefully you’ve already seen, or even better heard, the exclusive guest mix on our website, which comes courtesy of Mexican duo the Royal Downbeats. Here’s a bit more about them:

Hailing from  Mexico City, The Royal Downbeats was born out of a long friendship and  a common fixation with British electronic music, with a particular nod to the UK garage and 2-step scene.  Their influences are rooted in the sound of 1990s Bristol trip hop, and embodied in the more contemporary sounds of Hyetal and Jamie XX. Armed with Traktor Pro and a S4 controller, the Downbeats, a.k.a. Bristol and Icambyk, are already making waves on the Mexican underground scene. More concerned with ambience and energy than genre, their sets fuse a variety of  styles and beats, taking in funky, garage, nu-soul, broken beat and a whole lot more.

The duo also work as graphic designers and their style is simple but no less finely-tuned, fixing on the details that can turn the sense of an image inside out:

 We’re rather taken by these guys, not least cos one of them named himself after one of Britain’s coolest cities but also cos of their hypnotic and sublime musical selection for Club Soda Records. Follow the link from our website to download it and see what we mean.

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