Tribute to danDNA

This post’s a massive big up (or should that be a massive massive-up) to danDNA of the Many Minds crew, a man with an incredible ability to make things happen. Hopefully you’ve already seen the video for Thermo-Nuclear War over on our homepage, but if not go check it out immediately. Painstakingly put together by Dan at his studio, the Sound Bunker, and his old man’s back garden, it features footage from the original documentary from where the samples for the track were taken, an array of plastic toy figures, Blue Peter-style rockets, speakers and missiles and, most importantly, an exploding melon. It’s on a shoe-string budget, but as anyone with an ounce of common knows only too well, in this day and age when you can shoot a good-looking film on your mobile phone, it ain’t about the budget, it’s about the ideas and DanDNA’s got a surfeit of these.

The original idea was that Dan put together a montage of images to promote the free download … the proper video would come with Vipers, the forthcoming single. Happily, this didn’t happen and somehow, in the space of 3 weeks, between work and studio commitments, he and his crew managed to put the video together.

The attention to detail in the film is phenomenal but this has always been the DNA way. I first encountered it when he did some mastering for me. When you go for a studio session at the Bunker, it’s worth taking a book with you cos there aren’t gonna be any quick fixes or short cuts. This is a man who can obsess over a snare sound for hours, but it’s that attention to detail that has defined the Many Minds – and its precursors – for years. The Many Minds formed out of the ashes of the Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom and featured two of the MM crew – DNA and Mister Frendo, alongside Madam Blahvatski who’s since left these shores. One of THE great UK hip hop acts of the last decade, it was always a mystery why they never went stratospheric, although maybe it wasn’t since spitting rhymes about schizophrenia, pre-Christian civilisations and evolutionary theory don’t always endear you to the record-buying public. That said they did a mean line in melodic party hip hop as well, as their single on Shifty Disco, ‘What I Need‘ confirmed. Their last record ‘Psychoanalysis’ was anything but though; a re-working of the Prince Paul album of the same name, this was a dark psychedelic journey into the fractured human psyche and one only for the headstrong. It pretty much finished the band off, but the legacy very much lives on. (You can download the entire album for not even a penny right here).

This is one of my favourites from the Many Minds’ stables, featuring Blahvatski, Nuneaton’s finest Seedy Ron and Prymary Source, the story goes that they jumped in the car after recording the audio and filmed this straight off the cuff, while the cheese was still melting. I’m fuckin lovin it.

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